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Saturday. 6.13.09 3:55 pm
So alot of people may not know because you don't think about it unless it applies to you but we can't drink over here. At all. I can see the logic, we do dumb shit when we drink at home, get us 6,000 miles away and surround us with tanks and rifles and then add alcohol and dumb shit will happen. I'm ok with that rule, but its interesting how few people know about it.

The one I'm not ok with is the no porn rule. That's right. A fully grown man is not 'allowed' to look at a picture of a naked woman. And yes pictures of your wife/girlfriend nude are considered pornography and not allowed. Basic training is 2 months and its not allowed there either, but again I can understand its such a short period of time and the idea is to instill discipline. But a year of being away from your wife and the Army doesn't want you to jerk off? And they wonder why the rape incidents are as high as they are.

The alcohol has a direct correlation to safety and keeping people alive. Sucks for me because I can handle alcohol and not do anything dumb, but I can accept it. What is the big safety risk involved with porn? Kiddie porn is illegal eveywhere and should remain illegal here, i agree with that. But my all midget gangbang videos are perfectly legal for a US citizen but not for me. The discipline idea goes out the window because saying porn is bad is saying sex is bad. Sure some porn is bad, and we have laws against it, just like some sex is bad and we have laws against it. But its so easy to just make a cover-all rule to feel better about yourself and give yourself another bullet on your list of shit you did.

We're constantly reminded by our guys how bad the dehumanization of the enemy is. Thats where Abu Graib disasters and killing civilians come from. You no longer see them as humans so you dont treat them as such. But isn't denying the simple qualities that make us human an act of dehumanization in and of itsself? I'm sure I dont need to tell anyone, but this is a very stressful environment. Of my top 3 ways of releiving stress, 1 is in the states, and the other 2 are porn. So I have two options: 1, dont jerk off which is just insane, especially when the former surgeon general encouraged it for health; and 2, sleep with some one, and since the army frons upon cheating that really puts most soldiers in a bind.

Its all a moot point anyway; soldiers are going to do what soldiers are going to do. And I tip my hat to some of the creativity the guys have to go around the rule in question. I had a guy in the back of a truck whip out his Ipod, whip out his ... you know ... and go to town while we were waiting to roll out. You're not going to stop it and its asinine to even attempt to. Yes, if someone tries to go watch porn in the middle of a fire fight that would cause problems, but other wise theres no safety/discipline/good order issue at all. I agree the porn shouldnt be openly visible, and shouldnt be in the work area or on government computers. But if a guy has a mag stashed under his bed is that the worst thing in the world? We're over here fighting a fucking war, stop trying to take away the comfort of remembering wat we're fighting for. Fuck.

dude i totally agree,try smoking a cigatette, it may help to ease your mind. I have heard rumors that you can smoke the "good stuff" over seas. It is said that they do not drug test. Im going into the air force myself, i respect what you do. And to deal with the hormones, i guess just think of a good memory. That is what gets me through the dark times.

and LOL at the midget porn thing, must be amusing.
» gotenkz on 2009-06-13 05:00:42

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