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Monday. 6.22.09 11:50 pm
For those who don't know, stop-loss is when you were scheduled to leave active army on a certain date, but you are instead extended beyond this date to serve a deployment. They made a movie called 'Stop-loss' apparently dealing with this topic, but I never had any desire to see it as it looks stupid.

Many people are upset over the fact that it happens, but most people knew it a possibility as they signed up. You sign up for a few years active, then a few years of IRR, which you consent upon signing that they can call you back into active duty. You serve 8 years total regardless, most people do 4 years active then 4 years IRR where as you could be called back up. Again, when you sign the contract you are told this up front so it shouldnt be a surprise. I'm stop-lossed now and it sucks, but I knew it a good possibility as we are still involved in this weird international thing ... i forget what its called ... oh yeah, War.

People know about it and still complain as if its not fair or the Army is puling one over, when they knew damn well it could happen. Alot of people as well joined after 2001 (when we first went in Afghanistan) and expected to not deploy to either here or Iraq, which is asinine. Did anyone join the Army in 1862 and expect to not be a part of the civil war. Or join in 1944 and expect to not go to Europe? I'm more ready to get out of the service than most people have ever been but I acknowledge that I signed on with this possibility. I won't deny it sucks. Deploying sucks regardless. It just bothers me when people kick and scream and don't do their job when they knew this could happen and they think they're being cheated. Especially the people who this is their first deployment. A friend of mine has spent 5 years between here and Iraq. Which brings up anothr point:

Other services, like the Air Force for example, can deploy for very short times like 4 months or even 60 to 90 days at a time. To those not in 4 months seems like a long time but compared to the 12-15 months standard army deployment its a breeze. So when you have a friend say I deployd 4 times, he may have only been over here a total of 6 months. So watch out for those guys, theyre usually the ones who work in finance or the chow hall and come home with stories about 'seeing the shit' and all this crap they didnt do.

The psychological effects of war are severly damaging, and uncurable in some peoples cases. These people volunteer for the jobs in the front and accept that risk, so don't piss on their accomplishments and disasters. If you here someone talk about beng in the army and doing alot of bullshit they didnt just punch them in the goddamn face. They're obviously too much of a coward to do anything back to you and deserve alot worse. If you would stand along the road and salute as a convoy of coffins with American flags draped over them you would never make up stories like these people do, and you would want to cause exorbitent amounts of pain to those who do.

I dont understand the reasoning behind it. If you served in this capacity in ay form you did more than 99% of the population. I mentioned finance and cooks earlier, but their job is no less important and admirable because they dont get shot at everyday. The Airman's service is no less honorable because he did less time, again hes doing more than most. The only people who can talk down to those people, not that they really do, are the ones out in the front getting bombed and truly seeing hell. And I think they have a right to because of their situations. But they dont. I detest army cliches, but the addage "one team, one fight" is extremely important. All the pieces, all the jobs are needed to do what we have to do. So when you hae people making shit up and taking away from the people actually doing it, it fucks up the whole team. And we have plenty of fuck ups already.

I refuse.
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